Monday, January 11, 2010

Mmmmm Danish

Last week a Somali man, wielding an ax, broke into the home of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Mr. Westergaard, you might recall, caused an international uproar by depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a simple line drawing. (An act of satire clearly deserving of death.)

The 28-year old Somali was determined to erase 5,000 years of anonymity in which no Somali man or woman has ever made a single noteworthy contribution to civilization, western or otherwise. However the bumbling cartoonist-killing avenger tripped over an ottoman and was shot in the knee by alert Danish authorities.

I'm still amazed that the Islamic world got so upset over a bunch of cartoons but won't utter a single word of protest when innocent Iraqis and Pakistanis are blown up by their own brethren.

In any case, it seems a good enough reason to point out my own campaign to counter the backlash against Denmark:

As you scroll through the shots make sure you read all the captions and keep in mind that I've shed 30 pounds since these awful pictures were taken.

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