Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abe's kids

Here, in a nutshell, or a screengrab, is the biggest difference between Muslims and Jews.


Let's face it, all parents are disappointed by their children. It goes with the territory.

My father, for example, openly weeped when I dropped out of the accounting and engineering programs at Syracuse University to pursue my dream of being a writer. (On those slow days between freelance gigs, I secretly wish I had listened to his wisdom.)

Nevertheless, when Jewish kids fall short of parental aspirations, Jewish mothers and fathers reach for the oft-played guilt card.

Faced with same dilemma, Muslim parents on the other hand, check the deductibles on the Allstate policy and reach for the keys to the Buick.

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Ellen November said...

A guy my son went to college with had his haftorah portion tattoed up one side of him and down the other side, from armpit to waist. I know this because he took off his shirt to show me.