Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Winner

I've railed about crappy advertising before so in the interest of fair play I thought I'd turn the tables and talk about a spot that's not crap.

I never fast forward through this commercial. Like The Godfather, it's worth repeated viewings.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the spot features a killer Ray LaMontagne track. But I love it for so many other reasons. For one, it doesn't play like advertising. It feels more like a short film. It doesn't tip its hand until the very end. And the very end doesn't come until 60 seconds. That's a rarity these days.

The commercial also doesn't hammer you over the head with all kinds of easily-ignored product information. It doesn't try to make the sale all at once. It trusts the intelligence of the audience.

I love this spot for all the reasons most clients hate it.

Also, in light of yesterday's post and my plan to take tax write-offs about anything remotely involved with this blog, it should be noted that I first viewed this commercial on my 26 inch Sony Bravia LCD. An exceptional HD flatscreen televison.

Surpassed only by my widescreen Pioneer Kuro 50" HD Plasma Widescreen TV.

Combined price of TV's before tax write-off: $2300.
Price after: $1500.


Yekits said...

Another reason to love it- all the outdoor neighborhood shots were filmed within 3 blocks of my house :)

yags said...

:48 ... Pasquale's Pizza...8th and Irving...SF. My fave pizza growing up!