Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Relaxed fitna

I'm always amused when I hear Muslim women who claim they share equal rights and equal status in the eyes of Allah.

This despite the honor killings, stonings and public arrest of many women for so-called "moral" crimes.

Because of this sartorial infraction, she faces 40 lashes in a public flogging. But Lubna remains undaunted. As she told the BBC, "I'm not afraid from pain... but flog is not pain, flog is insult, insult to humans, insult to women."

I suppose the flogging is a small price to pay for wearing pants that are too tight, particularly when you consider the alternative...

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Robert Moss said...

Tight pants as in Camel Toe?
Actually, the story I read was that it was because her pants were light green. See