Friday, July 10, 2009

Staged Moms

Years ago, my partner and I were casting children for an Earthlink commercial.

There's a reason why people say not to work with water, animals or children.

It sucks.

On a hot August morning, we were confronted by a lobby full of 500 talentless, bratty carpet monkeys. And their even brattier moms. The morning seemed like a month.

To bring some sanity, and some levity, to an already tortuous day, we had a little sidebar with the Casting Director. We thought it would be funny to see just how badly these Holllywood Harpies wanted their children to be on TV.

So we asked the Casting Director to go into the lobby and make the following announcement:

"There's been a slight change of direction in the commercial. We need to divide the room into two groups. On the left side of the room, we'll need the moms with the unattractive kids.
And on the right side of the room, we'll need the moms with the not-so-intelligent kids."

Casting Directors do not have the same sense of humor as Creative Directors.


Claudia said...

You did? Was then when we ended up using chimps?

glasgowdick said...

It was for the kid and the Bully on the bus spot.
The chimp was another spot.
I still have a picture of myself holding that 75 lbs animal.
I like working with monkeys better than kids.

Claudia said...

Um. I knew that. Sad attempt to be funny. Still have pics of what Evan refers to as "Claudia and Chimp" (do I smell a sitcom?) proudly displayed.

Yekits said...

You have to see Bruno. There's a scene with Stage Moms that you'll totally appreciate. And then you'll want to cry.