Friday, June 12, 2009

Who's on first

A few weeks ago, four jailhouse converts to Islam were arrested in NY. The group had been planning to blow up a synagogue in The Bronx.

Asked why they chose this specific temple, frequented by many old Jews (some of whom might be relatives since I was born on Jerome Ave.), the leader responded, "It would be an easy target. A piece of cake."

Or in this case, a piece of rugallah.

Apparently these fanatical young men were angry and blamed Jews for killing Muslims. They never explained where or when. Or provided any specifics.

Yet, since their arrest there have been a string of suicide bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and just this week, a hotel bombing in Pakistan. All perpetrated by Muslims, against Muslims.

Seems to me that if these four justice-seeking men were truly interested in avenging the crimes against their Muslim brothers, they would be less interested in killing Jews,
and more interested in killing Muslims.

Oh the irony.

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Anonymous said...

I am reassured that we are now reading these gentle souls their Miranda rights and securing the crime scene for evidence while the bombs and bullets fly.

Yep much safer.

I also feel better now that the Saudi Royal family is immune from lawsuits from 9-11 victims...given the family's funding and support for al Qaeda - they should be given immunity. (I am not sure about the bowing thing though.)

Glad they are closing Gitmo too. I think these guys should be introduced to our prisons to convert more harden criminals like your note mentions. Who would have thunk it?

(Gee why didn't Bush think of any of these things? ummmh)

Yep much much safer...cause after all these peaceful souls only started to attack America after Bush confronted them - so now if we do a big Kumbyah and run around apologizing - and distancing ourselves from Israel, we should be all able to play happy in the sand box.

Yep. (Liked Obama's Spiritual Mentor's comment the other day...classy.)

Kisses Mr C. ;-)