Friday, June 5, 2009

Tsunami part tsu

Earlier this week, I pointed out the new tsunami evacuation signs that have sprung up in Playa Del Rey. Out of curiosity I went online to see how other nations warn their residents of higher-than-normal high tide.

I don't give the designer high marks for this one. It would appear the couple is a little late to heed the warning as they are already under water.

This one comes at it from 180 degrees. Here the residents appear to frolicking above the water. "Dude, check it out I'm in the barrel."

There's a tsunami coming. "Oooh, look a beachhouse. Maybe we can sit on the deck and drink mojitos."

Tidal wave, tidal wave. Run really fast. Fast enough so that your hat falls off.

And finally the Peter Arnell-designed warning sign. What it lacks in clarity it more than makes up for in cool cache. It only cost the city planners of Singapore $18 million for this logo.

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