Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Drive one, I will.

I'm a sucker for bumper stickers. Sometimes they're worth a laugh. Sometimes they provoke a thought. Sometimes they just provide an insight into how other people view the world.

But these bumper stickers have yielded so much more.

This devout driver, with the "Get on your knees and pray" license frame and the "My God is an awesome God" bumper sticker is eagerly anticipating the End Days. And now, so am I.

Here's a close up of the sticker on the left...

It reads, "In case of Rapture, car's yours."

I plan on taking him up on that generosity. When Judgment Day comes and everyone else is in line to meet our Maker and receive eternal spirituality, I'm gonna have myself a FREE 2006 Pearl Metallic Ford Taurus SE. That's the sport model with the power steering, tinted windows and in-dash 6 CD player.


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