Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My friend from Africa

A couple of weeks ago I answered an email scam from a Sudanese Princess named Mary. If you will recall, she claimed to be deaf and dumb. (She didn't mention being very pale for a native of Sudan.)

I responded, telling her I was not deaf, but very, very dumb. And would very much like to assist her in the recovery of 8 million dollars.

Sensing an easy mark, Mary tried to reel me in and wrote back immediately.

A lot has transpired since our initial correspondence.

She now wants to meet me in person and learn all about my work as a cattle inseminator. And though she's a princess sitting on millions of dollars of inherited money, she can't afford to purchase a plane ticket and asked that I, Herbert Walker, a person of limited mental capacity, take care of her travel arrangements.

She asked that I immediately book her on a flight from Khartoum, Sudan to Topeka, Kansas (there are no direct flights) and stressed the urgency of the situation.

Here is my response:


Please do not be angry with me. As I mentioned we are in the middle of semen harvesting season and my arms are very sore.

I double checked with the airlines and they can get a faster route to Topeka, but you will have to travel to Kansas via Siberia. That ticket is more expensive and you will have to sit in the cargo hold next to a yak.
It might be cold.

I will leave the choice to you.

I will visit the Western Union tomorrow. Should I send $4,382.69 for the one ticket or
$7, 211.89 cents for the other ticket with the less-than-desirable seating arrangements?

Please let me know and send me more pictures of yourself so that I may make hand party.

Yours Truly,

Herbert Walker


tbc said...

Rich , you are hilarious!!!!

glasgowdick said...

Thanks TBC, whoever you are.