Monday, May 4, 2009

Ben Hurl

Saw this advertised on Facebook the other day.

It's called the Exmovere Chariot, an inventive mobile device that resembles the Segway. The Chariot, also called a "wearable robot", was designed for amputees or wheelchair-bound people.

"Oh no," I can hear the reader shout, "back away from the keyboard. Repeat, back away from the keyboard.

You are on thin ice here and, in case you hadn't noticed, the weather is getting warmer.

Yes, the machine looks like an electric shaver turned on its head, but any attempt at humor will result in a sure political correctness disaster.

You do not have the writing chops to pull this one off.
Hit the delete button now just as you did weeks ago with another proposed entry entitled: 'African-American, Please.' "

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plaidbus said...

I don't think it's fair that the guy in the picture gets to be, like, 7 feet tall. Why not make the electric shaver thing so that he's 5 or 6 feet tall like the rest of us?