Thursday, April 2, 2009

"What can we get you fellas?"

With regards to the Taliban, it is time for President Obama to reverse some of the disastrous decisions made by the previous administration. After billions of dollars have been spent rebuilding Iraq, reconstructing Afghanistan and resupplying Pakistan, we have made no progress with those who would seek to destroy us.

We can no longer pursue this direction.

We must approach the Taliban, and all the radical Islamists in the region, with an open mind. And open ears. We must let them air out their grievances.

But more important than talk is action.
We must be willing to give these people what they want.

In yesterday’s Los Angeles Times Taliban Chief Baitullah Mahsud stated, quite unequivocally, “Martyrdom is our aim. We would be very happy if we could achieve that.”

We Americans are an accommodating bunch.

I know that we have the wherewithal and the generosity of spirit to help Mr. Mahsud, and his followers, achieve the goals they so deeply desire.


pgjockisch said...

As a member of the military I agree with you sir 100%. I spent some time in Iraq helping quite a few of Mr. Mahsud's associates achieve their goal of martyrdom and feel that it is our obligation to continue providing this valuable service to the world.

glasgowdick said...

Thank you for your readership.
More importantly, thank you for your service to the country.