Friday, May 1, 2009

Stache gaff

Lately I’ve been freelancing for a company that requires employees to carry a badge.I never had to wear a badge before.

I kind of like it. They don't give these badges out to everyone...uh, actually they do give these badges to everyone.

Mine is rigged up to this pant-attaching keychain and has a springy retractable string I like to play with when I get bored in meetings.

But I was just looking at the picture on my badge and noticed that my mustache was crooked. Not a just a little crooked, either. The entire left side of my face seems lower, like I had just come from the dentist’s office with a jowl full of Novocaine.

So I started going through my iPhoto files and found very few pictures where my mustache wasn’t lopsided.

Once again my wife, who has long since abandoned any effort to alter my appearance, my wardrobe or even my choice of deodorant soap, is proven correct.

I need to start listening to her more often.

Or at least, once.


Dave said...

I always thought you had it that way on purpose.

plaidbus said...

I just figured I was leaning whenever I saw you.

TheBrewmaster said...

Nothing a Sharpie can't fix.