Monday, April 27, 2009

Spanking it. Again.

Weeks ago I mentioned that I had heard this phrase used in a radio spot. And gave due praise to the sneaky copywriter who whiffed one by the client. But that achievement bares an asterisk mark. After all, it could be argued that it was a radio spot and nobody listens to the words in a radio spot.

An outdoor board is different. Each letter stands the height of a full grown Cambodian man. The board itself is 48 feet wide. There's no ignoring an outdoor board. It's there for everyone to see.

And look, the word SPANK is in hilarious proximity to the word BANK.

So today we tip our hat to the Art Director behind this gem.

You had to choke back fits of laughter and convince the client that this outdoor board, above all others, would be the first -- and most prudent -- of many steps necessary to restore America's faith in its floundering financial system.


If it were me, I'd make this the very first page in my portfolio.

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Robert Moss said...

I came this close at DDB to getting the phrase, "your treasure box" into a headline. But then some people with dirty minds went directly into the sewer with it.