Monday, April 6, 2009

Field trip

I should be driving a brand new BMW 6 Series or a Porsche 911, but I don't because my kids go to private school.

It's a sacrifice my wife and I are willing to make because we believe there's nothing more important than a well-rounded education.

In addition to the small class sizes, the personal attention, and the focus on creative thinking, the kids are also exposed to learning experiences they just wouldn't get at a public school.

Recently, the 7th graders boarded a jet and flew to Washington, DC.

There, they learned how government works or doesn't work (that turn of phrase gratuitously lifted from an old America West newspaper ad written by Matt Bogen) and took a deep dive into the history of our forefathers.

They learned how these dedicated patriots fashioned a country.

My daughter took many photos and saw first hand, how a grateful nation immortalized these men and women with magnificent monuments, etching their names in beautiful marble and stone so that generation upon generation could honor their contributions to Western Civilization:

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Fleming said...

Where are Uncles Harry and Seymore?