Thursday, March 12, 2009

You suck, Bernie.

I am mad at Madoff.

Not because he bilked billions of dollars from the highest ranking members of my tribe. Truth is, anyone smart enough to con some of the world’s brightest, wealthiest and notoriously-frugal people, deserves a weird measure of credit.

No, my beef with Bernie is that he is hogging all the media limelight. Literally knocking my favorite white collar embezzler to the back pages of the newspaper; next to the story about the election of Lichtenstein’s new Secretary of the Interior.

Of course, I am referring to Stuart Wolff, former CEO of and now convicted felon. Years ago, I had the displeasure of dealing with Mr. Wolff as a client.

Stewie, as he is known to everyone beyond earshot, was the ringleader in homestore’s roundtripping accounting scandal. In short, he found a way to record sales revenue as income to increase the value of the stock. He might as well as confabulated the flik-flaks. It’s all financial double-speak to me.

Last year he was convicted in Federal court but successfully overturned the conviction on a technicality. The government is now proceeding with a retrial, which will no doubt result in Stewie folding linens and eating bean gruel at Club Fed.

Is this a case of schadenfruede? Damn straight cookie.

For one thing, I can burn this bridge and know that I will never have to deal with this arrogant assclown ever again. And how often do we, frustrated, beat-up, demoralized ad agency people, get to see our former clients get their comeuppance and have justice delivered so tidily.

Even if it is buried on page B15.


Anonymous said...


Is this Mantu?!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to find out about old Stuart.

I knew something was amiss with that brand when the Homestore team conducted a barefoot sceance accompanied with cheers and chants of self-appraisal in the Chiat/Day main conference room.