Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thank you Stanley

Some of you may be aware of my ongoing hunt for meaningful full-time employment. Months ago, I sent a letter of inquiry to Morgan Stanley.

Today, I received a form letter from their human resources department. A terse rejection stating that there were no positions for someone of my qualifications (I’m not sure 20 years of scribbling ideas for TV commercials qualifies me for anything.)

But despair not.

In the Wall Street spirit of golden parachutes, excessive bonuses and just generally rewarding people for not working, the rejection letter was accompanied by a check for $50,000.

Dear Deutsche Bank….


Adslut said...

hey - can I have that address?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could put together and teach a seminar on the benefit of good manners at MS. Although, I hear that only pays $49,000.00... Never mind.