Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama is an idiot.

I've actually been very happy with the way our new President has conducted himself in the first 60 days of office.

Happy that he has reversed course on stem cell research. Happy that he is moving us from a faith-based society to one that relies more on rational thought and science. Happy he has set a time table for us to leave Iraq. And happy that he has moved against the greedy douchebags on Wall Street.

But today the President announced his picks in the NCAA tournament and has North Carolina emerging from the South with a regional win over Syracuse, my alma mater. Did he not witness the Orangemen's 6 overtime victory against Connecticut last week? Only the gutsiest performance by a college team ever.

I'm afraid that, like the previous bozo in office, our President is getting some very bad intel.


Mark said...

I went to Syracuse too and you can't possibly think they'll get past the first of second round. That's how they roll in Syracuse.

glasgowdick said...

Ye of little faith.
I believe they're going to win every time they get in. Which made those first round losses to Vermont, Richmond and the East St. Louis Academy for Wayward Girls so hard to take.

Anthony said...

Maybe his picks are a part of the Las Vegas Stimulus plan.