Monday, March 2, 2009

Is it possible to love an off-ramp?

A month ago, Caltrans took the wraps off the freshly-paved Culver Blvd. exit from the 405 North. The previous off-ramp was a non-descript, dump of an exit that merited no notice at all.

It's replacement however is a long, flowing stretch of asphalt that elegantly transitions the driver from the frenetic freeway to the pastoral residential streets of Culver City.

Having lived in the area for more than twenty years, I'm more than familiar with all the back-roads and short cuts and can easily avoid the bustling 14-lane behemoth. But now I find myself strangely drawn to the 405, perhaps the most hated freeway in all of Southern California, literally going out of my way for the opportunity to use the Culver Blvd. off ramp.

Those are your tax dollars at work.

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